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Custom analysis and consulting

Examples of custom reports include:

  • Judge campaign contributions
  • Fastest dockets
  • Fastest casetype resolution rankings by law firm
  • Largest filers of frivilous lawsuits
  • Cost per outcome
  • Condo and Homeowner Association litigiouness ratings

X-Ray vision for Litigation.

Bet the Company Litigation.

If you want a different result, you need a different approach.

Legal Knowledge + Technical Skill + The World’s Largest Litigation Dataset = A Very, Very Unfair Advantage in Litigation.

• Are the best litigators staffing the case?
• What are the best expert witnesses by Win Rate?
• What are the stats on the other side?
• Analysis of Arbitrators and Mediators.
• Analysis of campaign contributions for your Judge.
• Analysis of motion type success for your Judge.
• Analysis of precedent success for your Judge.
• If information can be derived from Court data, we can find it.

Our premium products for when the right result is essential.
Because Losing is Expensive.

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