Legal Analytics

The legal profession has been slow to change and equally slow to embed game-changing technology into traditional practices but, that is changing.

Legal analytics, in particular, is starting to transform the profession both in helping lawyers become more efficient but also by shining a transparent light into this opaque market which, with the world’s largest litigation database, is where we specialize.

We’ve collected articles and insight about the impact we see with legal analytics …

Goodbye Legal Directories, Hello Legal Analytics

There’s that old saying … in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Historically when it came to choosing lawyers, choosing blindly was the status quo for many clients.  That is changing because data and legal analytics are forcing the market to change … [read more]

Moneyball for Law: An Unfair Advantage?

The term “Moneyball” has become shorthand for strategies that exploit market inefficiencies, through statistical analysis.  In the burgeoning field of legal analytics, the potential success of Moneyball-esque strategies relies on two factors … [read more]

Performance Metrics Give Some Law Firms The Edge

Over recent years a buzzword in legal services (at least from a consumers perspective) has been “transparency”.  The cost of legal services can dwarf other big-ticket items like vehicles, yet the public has no reliable access to information on a lawyer’s past performance or even a standard … [read more]

Commercial Litigation and Artificial Intelligence

Commercial litigation is expensive, deeply unpredictable, resource intensive and risky business, so much so that a significant number of companies and individuals shelve the idea of pursuing a claim before even investigating their options … [read more]

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