Lawyer Hiring Mistakes

The problem with instructing lawyers by recommendation

Most of us have traditionally found and instructed a lawyer via the same route, the recommendation of a colleague or friend or golf buddy.

“Hey Jim, I got a real problem with some litigation, know anyone who can help?”

“Sure, Bob Anstee is just your man, lives near me and plays off a 5 handicap”

Bob (not his real name) gets his latest instruction, without paying a penny in marketing and clearly without disclosing the fact he is serial loser in court.   He doesn’t want the world to know he’s had 4 consecutive losses in front of this judge but thankfully, Premonition is on hand to alert  the unsuspecting client.

Because it’s clear that recommendations are driven by many, often benign factors.  He’s got a great handicap, he was good with a completely different piece of work, he’s been recommended by an accountant who in turn gets recommended by the lawyer.  It’s a whirlpool of hidden agendas and minimal quality control.

You may still want to instruct Bob, if only to get some golf tips, but at least now you can proceed with clear transparency about his track record in court.

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