We are solving one of Humanity’s oldest and hardest problems. Transparency.

Most evil is done in the dark.

Peter Diamandis

There are great people among our Leaders, Judges, Lobbyists and Lawyers.

It is essential in a free society that citizens have the tools to know who they are.

Every great change in history has begun with Transparency.

“It’s quicker to do it, than to talk about it.”
-Premonition company motto

Premonition is one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

We are rapidly becoming one of the worlds most valuable companies.

With growth comes opportunity. With value comes wealth.

We don’t talk about ground breaking ideas here.

We just do them.

New ideas, products and companies are created every week.

You can be part of it.

There are few truly great companies in the World, firms like Tesla, Space-X and Solar City.

Who achieve the “impossible” not because it is easy, but because it is necessary.

You only have a short period of time on this Earth to effect change.

Will you spend yours building another photo sharing app, making trivial, incremental, improvements to things thousands of people have done before, or will you make a difference?

Do something that is right.

Something that matters.

Something with purpose.

Something your children will respect you for.



Experienced in Web development, Python and SQL.
Fast, efficient, problem solvers who can think creatively.

Marketing Positions

Experience in any of these areas:

• AdWords
• Google Analytics
• PR
• Press Releases
• Social Media
• Trade Shows
• Video Press Releases
• Video Presenters
• Video Production
• WordPress


High level B2B sales experience with exceptional buyer contacts in:

-Insurance – CEO, CFO, General Counsel, Claims Managers, Risk Managers
-Major Employers – CEO, CFO, General Counsel
-Security Agencies and Law Enforcement – Technology buyers
-Major Law firms – Managing Partners

Customer Support

-Detail orientated
-Excellent personal skills
-Flawless communication
-Solution finder


Miami, FL or your location, (work from home OK).


Full time / Part Time / Flexible working hours (we care about getting things done, not in how many hours you put in).


We care what you can do, not if or where you went to school. If you have worked in the Legal Technology industry for over a year, you need not apply (we want fresh thinkers).

Job listings at Premonition LLC

To apply please fill the contact form below and tell us:

-Why you want to work at Premonition

-What you can offer

-Tell us why you can do it, with example

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